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Marketing on Retainer (MOR), is a program designed to help support and empower small business owners with the resources of a well-rounded marketing team; without the costs associated with payroll.

Here at Very Good Marketing Co., (VGMC), we believe that just because your business is small doesn’t mean that you should forgo strategy and execution of your marketing efforts. Our program is designed with all budgets in mind and we are here to be a resource to the local community. There are two ways you can gain the support you need for your business.

Option #1

A’La Carte packages allow you to pick individual “department” support based on your business needs. For example, select unlimited Social Media Support starting at $500/month and we will work with you as your personal Social Media Manager, setting up your channels, creating a strategy, and executing the post creation.

Option #2

You can pick from one of our packages where you combine two or more services such as Marketing Strategy and Social Media Support or Unlimited Graphic Design and Copy Writing for only $1000-$4,500/month.

MOR is the answer to your problem of never having enough time in the day to get EVERYTHING done. We are committed to giving you MOR time to do the things you love.


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My name is Jillian Phifer. I am the founding owner of Very Good Marketing Co. and I'd love to have an opportunity to share a virtual coffee with you and learn more about what you do. 

If there is any advice or support I can offer on our call, I will. No strings attached. My team and I have a heart for the small business community and we just want to be helpful. 

First consult is FREE - 30 Minutes. 

Schedule a 1:1 with me on my Calendly. Link below and let's see what problems we can solve together.


Jillian Phifer - CEO, Owner

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