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We have created a unique marketing experience that allows small businesses and organizations to have the resources of a full marketing team without the increase costs associated with payroll.

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We take great pride in our ability to diversify our skillsets over multiple industries. From websites to logos and social media to marketing strategy, we do it all! Check out some of our most recent projects by clicking on the button below.


Our a la carte marketing services are just the tip of the iceberg as a company. We proudly serve our clients in creating custom marketing strategies and packages that will strategically move your business

towards your goals.

A Little About Us

H E L L O !


Welcome to Very Good Marketing Company (VGMC). We are a membership-based Marketing Firm designed to help small businesses and organizations support an entire marketing team without increased payroll costs.

Our passion is building a long-term relationship to help ensure that you are continually growing.


Our team has a combined experience of over 20+ years in the non-profit and for-profit realm of marketing, including working for multiple YMCA Associations and Whole Foods Markets, among other recognizable brands. We are confident in our ability to support you in achieving the goals you’ve set for your business or organization.


We know that marketing is ever-evolving. Keeping up with the newest trends can be overwhelming, especially when it’s not your primary focus as a business. Our team is always up to date on the changes that impact digital marketing and we're ready to elevate your business today!


W H Y  W E  D O  I T

Whether you are a new business or an existing brand, we will meet you where you are, help you make a plan and strategically move you towards your goals. We know that small businesses need help with marketing and often find themselves limited by a lack of understanding or funds to hire an employee for support.

That’s why we exist. We fill the gap with high-quality marketing professionals who will help you shoot for the moon in your business ventures, all year long!



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"VGMC helped us build our entire brand, website, promotional items, manages our social media, and is responsible for helping us position ourselves as industry leading professionals. We were told by a new client that our website sold them on switching vendors; a $55,000 sale all because we had the ability to reach anyone, anywhere thanks entirely to our digital presence. We highly recommend this team to help take off the marketing pressure for your business. Absolutely worth the investment."

CEO of TTJ Productions

Tevin Phifer


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My name is Jillian Phifer. I am the founding owner of

Very Good Marketing Co. and I'd love to have an opportunity

to share a virtual coffee with you and learn more about what you do. 

If there is any advice or support I can offer on our call, I will.

No strings attached. My team and I have a heart for the

small business community and we just want to be helpful. 

First consult is FREE - 30 Minutes. 

Schedule a 1:1 with me on my Calendly. Link below and let's see

what problems we can solve together.


Jillian Phifer - CEO, Owner